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What will be on the midterm

To help your studying for Thursday’s test:

  • Since I have to get the test printed tomorrow, the news/current events part will not cover anything after today, Monday. So I would focus on the last five days.
  • History of Journalism notes that I’ve been sending on email. I have sent three; there is one more to come. They are a compilation: some from Stovall, some from History of News by Mitchell Stephens, a bit from Communication: Living in a Media World, by Ralph Hanson; the rest from my own observations, experience, and other reading and study.
  • Stovall chapters:  1, 2, 20-23 (to page 440: we will not cover the Internet until after the midterm). That includes radio & TV
  • NewsU.org Building Blocks of News section on how we determine newsworthiness
  • All the President’s Men & ‘Watergate’
  • Class discussion. There’s really no way to study for that, but when I’ve mentioned things that I think you should know, I’m usually pretty clear about it. Example: our brief discussoin the other day of ‘what is a news peg?’

Three notes:

1)  I will send the last part of my journalism history notes after class tomorrow

2) You will notice some repetition & overlap in my notes. That is usually because of segueing from one class to the next. There is no special meaning to it.

3) Because of the midterm being Thursday, the due date for your first blog post is end of day Friday, instead of tomorrow (in other words, you must post this week).

Questions? Happy to take them on email or in class.

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