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Possible approaches for your blog posts

We’ve touched fleetingly in class about angles you might think about as you start writing your blog posts. I’m going to start with a few ideas here; feel free to chip in with your comments and more ideas:

  • An intro post on the assignment of using a blog to regularly cover the reporting and coverage of your chosen reporter/columnist/anchor/blogger. In other words, lay out for the reader what you expect to offer over the coming seven weeks
  • You might include information on who you are, and what you expect to get out of the assignment.
  • What you hope the reader will get out of the blog coverage.
  • Your reporter’s ‘beat’
  • Who else covers the same ground in competing media
  • What you understand to be the key issues in that area
  • What kinds of story topics and approaches your reporter/columnist/anchor/blogger has taken in the past week/month/year
  • How the arc of his/her coverage has changed (or not) over the past month/year
  • As stories/columns/programs/blog posts are published/broadcast, a play-by-play of your reporter’s coverage; an analysis of the angle, sources, lead, context, background, etc.
  • Then compare to his/her competition: how did someone else cover the same story? Same lead? Same angle? Same sources? What about compared to different media — if you are covering, say, a Globe reporter, how the same story was covered (or not) in the Herald, but also on local TV, local public radio, local news websites
  • Similar coverage in other cities: do others do it better? Differently?
  • What do you like and not like about the coverage?


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