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To link out from your blog

Linking out from your blog is something you will want to be doing as much as makes sense.

Instead of spelling out URLs, hotlink out (also known as inline linking). This not only looks better and cleaner, but also is a kindness for the reader, so they need only click on the link to see what you’re talking about, instead of haying to copy and paste in a new tab or window.

So, for example, instead of writing in my blog, “I worked at (cnn.com) for seven years,” I would write, “I worked at CNN for seven years.”

To do this, highlight the word you want to link out from (in this example, CNN). In the row of icons just above the text box where you are writing, you will see an icon of a chain link that has been greyed out, but will become live as soon as you highlight the word/words from which you want to link out. So after you’ve highlighted the soon-to-be-linked word, then click on the chain link icon. A box will pop up where you enter the link’s URL. Then click ‘insert.’ You’re linked out.

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