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Being kind to readers

This is something that many of you have been doing, so thought it would be worth a blog post: before you publish your post, read it out loud to yourself. And come to it as though you had just stumbled across a link to the post.

Your blog name and sub-title can convey a lot of information. For example, in Mike McGuire’s blog, he handles it this way: UConn Football by Mike McGuire. The subhead gives more important context: Follow Hartford Courant reporter Desmond Conner and his coverage of UConn football.

But it is also important to reference in the blog itself what you’re doing, even in glancingly. Yes, you should be covering the topic covered by your reporter, but your reporter is your ‘angle’ to the story, the way you approach telling it.

So keep this in mind for each blog post, that it is likely to be the first post your reader has seen. As you build a following, that demand lessens, but still is important. You will always have new readers coming in. Make sure you are speaking to them, too. This “keeping-the-reader-in-mind” is important no matter what medium you are working in.

I will try to post examples of good approaches to this as I read and edit your blogs.



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