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A puzzler for you all

So I just took the Orange Line home after class. At my stop, Green Street station, I see a WBZ-TV live truck. Whenever I see a live truck I always poke my head in and ask what story they’re doing. The woman answers the story is about high theft of iPhones — at Stonybrook Station (a stop that tends to have a lot of crime to deal with). I said, “You know you’re not at Stonybrook, right?” She answers, “Yeah, I just go where they tell me.”

So before assuming that WBZ-TV doesn’t know their Green Street from their Stonybrook, I decided to DVR the news tonight, to see what angle they are taking on the iPhone theft at Stonybrook story. I’m puzzled, but I will be interested to see.

UPDATE: OK, just saw the story. The live shot, and all of the MBTA B-roll was shot at Green Street station, but there was no mention of specific stations; only a general story about the theft of mobile phones on the T, period. Not iPhones at Stonybrook. Why do you think they shot it at Green Street? My guess is a prosaic one: because the live truck can easily part at the curb at Green Street, but would block traffic more at Stonybrook. I have no idea if that’s the reason, but that mundane fact would be my guess.

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